The Hive - Necromunda Compatible Terrain System

Vast industrial foundries form the backbone of the hive - a lawless maze of walkways, silos and manufactories. Dare you venture into these haunted wastes to stake your claim on the best turf? 

Ideal MDF terrain for games such as Necromunda, Warhammer 40K, Kill Team, Infinity and more - designed to be easy to build, with limitless possibilities. 

The collection consists of three products - Hive Walls, Hive Sector Platforms and Industrial Ruins. Each set is designed for cross-compatibility, allowing you to combine the sets however you please to create your own personal Hive. 

Hive Walls

Recreate the tunnels of the Underhive with our Hive Walls terrain! Designed to be compatible with the Necromunda Underhive terrain tiles, these walls are modular, allowing for any combination or design - and even work as support columns for platforms in our other Hive ranges! 

Hive Sector Platforms

Build your industrial jungle with the Hive Sector Platforms! These platforms are built with modular design in mind, allowing you a blistering array of different possible builds. Simply attach struts to platforms, then arrange your platforms on your table in any way you wish. The struts provide strong and solid looking support, while the silos are great for blocking line of sight. 

Connect Walkways with Struts to create any combination you want - giving you endless possibilities! 

Industrial Ruins

This set provides even more line of sight blocking terrain, and includes solid walls and platforms, all designed to work alongside both the Hive Sector Platforms and Hive Walls terrain pieces. Combine the Bulkheads with Platforms and Towers to create tall, impressive terrain pieces that will look great on your table! 

So what are you waiting for? get some terrain and build YOUR Hive!