Industry Sector Hexagonal Platform Terrain for use with Necromunda

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Fight for your turf in the towering industrial nightmare, with the Industry Sector terrain system.

The Hexagonal Platform covers a space roughly 180mm x 180mm, and is roughly 300mm tall. 

This terrain is designed to be completely modular, allowing you infinite flexibility in it's set up and arrangement, while also providing easy storage and transport.

The Industry Sector bulkheads can be attached to any 3mm thick platform, and stacked atop of each other, allowing you to make towering scenery pieces, or spreading your available terrain out across a wider area.

As you can see, this kind of terrain works well with games such as Necromunda, but can also work with Infinity, Fallout, This is Not a Test - and many others.    

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This entire set is supplied unpainted and unassembled and isn't suitable for young children. This product has nothing to do with Games Workshop and isn't endorsed by them in any way. 

Instructions are included in the images.