Necromunda Compatible Terrain from Art of War Studios

Necromunda Underhive Compatible Terrain - 9 Tile Booster

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This Set is designed exclusively to add on to our existing 6 Tile Set which you can find here.  

This specific set increases the number of components needed to boost your 6 tile set to a 9 tile set, adding the following; 

  • 6 Columns
  • 4 Long Walls
  • 10 Short Walls
  • 2 Large Doors (with removable doors)
  • 2 Small Doors (with removable doors)
  • Barricades
  • Grate Details - these can be attached to add detail to sections  

This allows you to play games on 9 Underhive tiles, dramatically increasing the size of your games. 

Though designed with Necromunda: Underhive in mind, this product can be used in any modern/futuristic industrial setting, and is also designed to be stacked securely to provide taller wall sections. It utterly transforms 2D games of Necromunda Underhive, making the board pop and your games much more immersive.  

How is this different from your hive walls terrain? Great question. Read this for more details... 

This terrain is also fully compatible with the rest of our Hive terrain lines, allowing you to mix and match pieces to create some truly unique tables. 

Have you seen our Necromunda tokens?

This entire set is supplied unpainted and unassembled and isn't suitable for young children. This product has nothing to do with Games Workshop and isn't endorsed by them in any way. 

Instructions are included in the sets.