Tournament Tray - Skirmish Size

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Our adaptable tournament trays are designed to make it easier for you to get from game to game and make sure that you have whatever you need, to hand, at all times. 

These tournament trays are supplied with a detachable centre layer that can be changed out for other inserts, providing a tray that you can use for a multitude of games. This insert is kept in place by four handy widgets that simply press into place, making for a sturdy, robust tray. 

Please select which insert you would prefer with your order - others can be ordered separately. 

The last hand side of the trays is left open for dice, cards and anything else you need, while the right hand side has a compartmentalised token tray so that you can separate your tokens; great for those of us with OCD. 

Our trays are made from 3mm MDF and are supplied unassembled. We will not be manufacturing these in acrylic at this time.