Necromunda Underhive Compatible Terrain - Platform Alpha

  • £14.99

Add detail to your Necromunda tables with our Necromunda Compatible terrain sets. 

These sets are cut from 3mm mdf and work perfectly for any 28-32mm heroic scale games, particularly those with an industrial theme. A ubiquitous sight throughout the Underhive, Alpha platforms are used as major thoroughfares between districts, wide enough for servitor caravans or as access platforms to the thinner thermal pipes. This set gives you much needed height and can be combined with our Hive Walls (not included) to create dense, line of sight blocking terrain. Alpha Platform B is also designed to encircle our Small Silos. 


Alpha Platform A
x 1 249mm x 150mm x 3mm
Alpha Platform B
x 1
249mm x 150mm x 3mm
Long Walkway
x 1 204mm x 51mm x 3mm 
Medium Walkway x 1 153mm x 51mm x 3mm
Short Walkway x 1 102mm x 51mm x 3mm
Short Strut x 12 42mm x 42mm x 63.5mm
Ladder x 3 63.5mm tall
Railings for all Platforms and Walkways


This terrain is also fully compatible with the rest of our Hive terrain lines, allowing you to mix and match pieces to create some truly unique tables. 

Have you seen our Necromunda tokens?

This entire set is supplied unpainted and unassembled and isn't suitable for young children. This product has nothing to do with Games Workshop and isn't endorsed by them in any way. 

Instructions are included in the sets.

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