Infinity Compatible MDF terrain scifi futuristic cyberpunk scenery

AVASA Infinity Compatible Billboard and Signs kit

  • $30.00

The future belongs to the corporations - and they want you to CONSUME! The AVASA cityscape is lined with ever changing billboards and signs, all the best to push the populace into spending their hard earned credits. 

AVASA terrain is designed to make awesome and detailed futuristic cityscapes that are still great to play games on - and don't break the bank. Our basic building stack vertically and horizontally, allowing you to make small shanties or sprawling complexes, while out sprues are packed with little extras, allowing you to add scatter and soul to your table. 

The ultimate in scatter, these billboards provide beautiful line of sight blocking terrain pieces, while the hanging signs make your standard buildings bristle with cyberpunk aesthetic. The billboards are provided with standing bases and interchangeable clips that can be used to hang them from any rooftop lip or the walls of AVASA buildings. The signs have similar connection points, making them compatible with all terrain. 

Details (length x width x height): 

  • 2 x Landscape Billboards (140mm x 18mm x 85mm)
  • 1 x Portrait Billboard (65mm x 18mm x 160mm)
  • Clear acrylic boards for all billboards, plus three coloured stickers. 
  • 6 x Hanging Signs (40mm x 3mm x 21mm)
  • 6 x Clear acrylic signs plus coloured stickers for each

All our products are provided unassembled and unpainted. Printed instructions are included, and PDFs are available from this listing (coming soon). You can also check out our youtube channel for hints and tips (coming soon). Enamel based primers or miniature game specific sprays (Games Workshop or Army Painter) work well for painting our MDF kits. We recommend PVA glue for assembly. 

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