Horus Heresy Reaction Token Set

  • $9.00

Wage war in the galaxy's greatest tragedy.

The Horus Heresy rages throughout the galaxy. Legions clash in the greatest betrayal mankind has ever known. Now your time has come. 

Represent your legion in style with these Horus Heresy compatible tokens. This Reaction Token set provides ten laser cut markers in your choice of acrylic colour. 

The tokens include all six common reactions, plus three advanced reactions and a single token for your legion reaction. For an exact token for your chosen legion, please take a look at our Legion Banner Set. 

    All our products are supplied unpainted and unassembled (where necessary) and images are coloured using white or black crayons. All tokens are supplied with a protective sheet on the front and back that you can use as a stencil if you wish, or you can simply peel and play!
    For more instructions on how-to colour our tokens, take a look here.
    Are you looking for custom work? Take a look here for more details.

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