Assembly Instructions

Most products that require assembly have their instructions in their descriptions, but if not, please see below for any general assembly instructions.

Magnets in Dials

All magnets will need to be glued into the small holes in the centre of dials - superglue is fine for this, and, better yet, if you get any on the surfaces of the dials, you can remove it later with a little nail varnish remover. Check the polarity of the magnets at all times, as there's nothing more irritating than mixing them up and having to remove them and start them all over again. Pretty simple! 

Glueing acrylic

Some of our products involve two pieces of glued acrylic. To do this, we advise using polystyrene or acrylic cement, as it will dry clear and create a very strong bond, but you can use superglue - just apply a small amount of it, and try to put it somewhere well ventilated to prevent the superglue from frosting.