The Fall of Twin Tanks Part 2

The Fall of Twin Tanks Part 2

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You've hit the Sump Sector Sevens and you're felt their retaliation - now it's time to take over. 

The Fall of Twin Tanks part 2 is a set of rules for playing a Necromunda campaign with one player. It's ideal for lockdowns when other players are scarce, or just for testing some gang builds between campaigns with friends. 

You take on the role of a rival gang looking to boot out the legendary Sump Sector Sevens and take over their territory. You'll need some models and terrain, and a copy of the core Necromunda rules; this document is a supplement that supports those systems. 

This is part 2 - it continues the campaign and allows you to try and wrestle control of Twin Tanks from the Sump Sector Sevens. It includes full rules for the late stage Sump Sector Sevens fighters, including Gangboss Slackjaw himself, plus a suite of rules that allows you to create your own enemy gang for future campaigns.  

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