2021 plans

2020 was one hell of a year. 

So I guess we have to make up for it this year, right? As we look at further lockdowns and a general lack of tabletop gaming, we've been working out what we can do to make that a little easier for our community. 

We noticed that our AVASA range was immediately really popular - and rightly so! We'll be releasing Wave 3 later this month and we've begun designing some future waves that may appear later this year. We're also putting some finishing touches to some Infinity N4 token updates, so keep an eye out for those! 

Terrain is something that we know you can still enjoy even though you can't get out to see friends - building and painting your table in anticipation of games is a great way to spend your lockdown. Because of that, we're going to get additional terrain sets released, from a selection of rustic villages that will work great with Call to Arms, to a victorian town that would suit those Malifaux games. As always, our sets will be that perfect mix of great price and great looks. 

We've slowed down on releasing tokens - with no real games taking place the demand for them has decreased - but we do intend to release some updated 40K compatible pieces, updating our Marvel Crisis Protocol tokens and maybe releasing something compatible with Call to Arms. When real games start happening we'll see what people need and get it out there as soon as we can. 

Talking about meeting up, we are still attending the next Salute and UKGE events - both currently have dates, but with the current pandemics we can't guarantee they'll go ahead, nor can we guarantee we'll be allowed to attend them. Finger's crossed though, huh?

Lastly, we have some really interesting projects in development. As solo-gaming is the only way right now, we'll be releasing some unofficial rules to let you enjoy games by yourself. We can't go into too much detail here (mostly because everything is subject to change), but we can say that these rulesets will be absolutely free and that the first will be a system for a Necromunda campaign...

We are a little delayed at the moment, so please use the code icanwait for 10% off your orders. This is valid until the 25th of January, when we hope to have caught up with our holiday backlog. 

So happy gaming for 2021!