Black Friday 2021

Art of War Studios Black Friday
Well, it's that time of year again! 
As always, we'll be running a Black Friday promotion that will last from Friday 26th of November to Tuesday 30th of November; 20% off your entire order when you spend £50 or more. This will automatically apply itself at the checkout so you don't have to use a code or anything. 
We still, to this day, make a lot of our orders as and when they come in due to the huge demand, so we don't tend to have surplus stock like other stores. That's why we apply a bulk discount to larger orders - it still gives you a chance to grab a good bargain (particularly on some of our terrain sets). 
Art  of War Clearance
However! Due to a lack of conventions thanks to the pandemic, we actually do have some surplus stock we want to shift. A lot of this is product that we either have far too much of on the shelves or that we are intending to stop production of, so go take a look and grab some stuff while you can. Unlike our other products, these are only available while the stocks last, so once the sale items have gone, we'll only have the full price ones available. 
Does this mean that we're stopping production on all the clearance products? No, not exactly. We are hoping to update some products in the coming months (check out here for more details) but most of these items will still be available on our regular channels at least in the near future. 
As with any of our big events, please be patient with our dispatch - we have solutions in place to try and keep things speedy, but when demand gets too much it can put us back, particularly on larger MDF sets. 
Otherwise, enjoy the Black Friday weekend!