Art of War Studios & BREXIT

As it's a constant and ever changing (albeit slowly) situation, we thought we'd post a page with the current effects Brexit is having on our service. We shall update the information below as and when we learn of changes. 

BREXIT update 5-2-2021

As of this date we have no failed orders - everything that has managed to get past customs has reached destination. 

However, customs clearance is slowing everything down. And we mean everything - any International orders are getting delayed at the moment. 

We have made big decision and have changed the way we charge taxes and our International customers. We used to charge taxes for our EU and ROW customers, using the EU taxes to pay the EU VAT and the taxes from our ROW customers to subsidise our shipping costs. We can't do that anymore. We've heard of some customers who have already paid taxes being charged them again - there's nothing we can do about that as it comes down to the decisions of the border control agencies at the nations these goods go to. As a result, we've now removed taxes from all international orders - you'll find a constant 20% discount on your order when you go to the cart and enter your shipping details. 

This does mean that shipping costs have had to rise to cover those costs that were subsidised. We've returned to a weight-based system to make sure that we're giving the most accurate prices we can. 

Finally, and some pretty awesome news here, we've actually done such a good job of making sure our EU and international shipments have weathered the Brexit situation that we've been asked to provide advice and consultation to other similar companies. You can purchase your order from us with confidence! 

BREXIT update 27-1-2021

We have been informed that some EU countries are applying import charges to goods entering their countries. This charge is a separate charge to VAT which is currently rated at 0% throughout the EU. Unfortunately these charges are levied by the countries these goods are entering and we have no control over whether or not they are applied. We have no choice but to make these potential charges the responsibility of the customer.

We are also experiencing delays to all of our international orders as a result of the increased pressure on customs procedures. Please bear this in mind when making your order. 

As of this date we have had no failed orders, so there's some good news!

BREXIT update 12-1-2021

Brexit has come and gone and nothing has really changed. We have been informed that packages are running at their usual speed and that EU VAT is now not applicable until the 1st July. As far as we can tell, our usual service is unaffected by changes and you should receive your goods as usual. At this time there should be no additional charges and f there are please contact us to fix it.

If there are any changes we will update you as normal. 

The BREXIT question; Current update - 15 - 12 - 2020

So Brexit is happening on the 1st of January 2020. As of this moment, we still don't know if there will be a "deal" and how this will impact our trading with the EU. We have performed all of the necessary infrastructure changes needed to continue our business and we've been working with our shipping suppliers to try and make sure that everything happens as normal. 

Therefore, we want to say that we give your our promise that we'll work as hard as we can to make sure that your order reaches you without any issues. We'll handle any surprise additional costs and work hard to make changes as and when the need them - keep an eye on this page for further details.