On COVID-19 and how it will affect us

UPDATE: 1/6/2020

We are running our business as usual, but we are experiencing shipping delays on both international and domestic goods. Please bear this in mind when placing your order.

Canadian and Australian orders are particularly susceptible to delays at the moment, so please be aware of that.

We hope you're keeping safe in these trying times.  

UPDATE: 18/4/2020

We are still up and running, though we are exceptionally sad that we don't get to attend Salute this year.   

For us, Salute is one of the few occasions where we get to meet our community and chat with them about their current projects. It's also a great time to catch up with the other companies and see what they've been working on and what great new products and services they have to offer. 

Simply not having that is painful enough, but knowing that the cancellation of Salute will probably deal a pretty savage blow to a lot of the traders and vendors who would be attending makes us a bit melancholy. We hope that everyone makes it through these unprecedented times and that we all get to hobby together once it's all over and done with.

If you were thinking of attending Salute and did have some cash spare for it, consider throwing it at some of the companies that don't get to attend this year (not just us). If we don't support the smaller companies then we'll lose some of the diversity and variety that's made wargaming so interesting over the last few years. 

Happy gaming everyone; thanks for being the best community we've ever had the pleasure to serve. 

Kallie & Grantt

Art of War Studios

UPDATE: 2/4/2020

We are still open and we are still accepting orders. We are slightly delayed in sending orders as we are currently restricted to sending packages on Mondays and Wednesdays only. Our 15% sale will continue until things return to "normal", and we will update you all again next week. 

Kallie & Grantt have taken to only entering the workshop when necessary, which is usually just on the two days to manufacture urgent stock and send parcels. Luckily, we'd built quite a large stock of products for Salute, but with that cancelled for this year, we can use that stock for orders, saving us having to go into the workshop during this time.  

Like many other small businesses, we have no choice but to remain open or lose our livelihoods, but we are taking great pains to avoid infection and in spreading the virus, should we be infected. We really appreciate all the orders we are receiving during this period; you really are keeping us going! 

Thank you, gamers! Stay safe, play when you can, and happy gaming! 

UPDATE: 26/3/2020

Having confirmed our lines of supply and our usual shipping agents, we can confirm that we will be operating as normal throughout this crisis. We may experience some delays when sending orders, but otherwise there will be no interruption of service. 

We assure you that we are taking this pandemic exceedingly seriously. Our work stations are regularly sanitised and we are observing the most stringent procedures possible to maintain an infection-free environment. 

Thanks for supporting Art of War Studios! We hope you're keeping safe and looking after yourselves! 

Kallie & Grantt

UPDATE: 24/3/2020

As of the 23rd of March, the UK is entering a mandatory period of self-isolation. Art of War Studios will continue to operate as normal - being a husband and wife team means that there is no threat of contamination amongst staff, while our isolated workshop in the middle of nowhere receives no visitors. We are, however, aware that shipping items may be delayed as infrastructure is interrupted, and we are looking into making sure our lines of supply for raw materials is unaffected. As such, we will post an update later this week about the continuation of our services, but for now, things are running as usual.

Please look after yourselves. Wash your hands regularly, practice social distancing and make sure you look after your mental health. We love our community of gamers and hobbyists and we want to hear all about the projects you nailed during the lockdown when it's all over! 

Stay safe and keep occupied; we'll get through this together! 

Kallie & Grantt

Posted 17/3/2020

With the mounting concern over the current COVID-19 situation, we wanted to submit a statement and show our support for the community during this trying time. 

Art of War Studios is committed to ensuring the continued health of our employees and our customers. That being said, the workshop is in a very isolated area where contact with others is exceedingly rare. As a result, Art of War Studios will remain open during the Corona virus situation. The only two employees present are a husband a wife, so if they're gonna share the virus, being at work together will make no real difference! This means that you can order from us with confidence, knowing that your orders will get processed and sent as soon as we are able. 

We are also aware that this event is affecting people financially, and that there is a certain amount of anxiety over how long suggested isolation will continue. Our biggest priority has always been the community here at Art of War Studios, so for that reason we shall be immediately discounting all our products by 15% for the foreseeable future.  We're hoping that this will help folk keep busy during their self-isolation without costing them too much. 

Our workshop has already undergone a deep-clean process and we will continue to apply high levels of sanitary best-practice. Any products sent to you at this time will have undergone rigorous attempts to sterilise them against any possible infection. Our head of processing was once a scientist working on vaccines, so we have confidence in our ability to negate contagion here in the studios. 

So, keep safe, wash your hands as often as you can and be sensible with your travels - but most of all, take advantage of the quarantine to get some projects done! 

Art f War Studios