Event Support

The gaming community means an awful lot to us at Art of War Studios - we wouldn't be here without it! As such, we like to provide the community wth as much support and assistance as we can, particularly when it comes to making sure events have good prizes for participants. 

That's why we have our prize support program; we offer huge discounts on our products for people running events, allowing them to quickly and easily get some great stuff for their players. 

It's pretty simple; we offer tiered support depending on the size of your event, from intimate store tournaments through to national competitions, in the form of prize support packs. These packs are filled with Art of War Studios products, all pre-packaged and ready to award, at huge discounts. 

Prize support bundles contain a collection of random items from our Guild Ball, Malifaux, Infinity or X Wing ranges designed to give an event a good amount of prizes to supply to players. 

All prizes are supplied fully packaged, ready to award. We recommend the following packs for the following size playerbases; 

£10: 6-16 players - Store level - contents will exceed £20 rrp

£30: 17-35 players - Club level - contents will exceed £60 rrp

£50: 36-65 players - Regional level - contents will exceed £100 rrp

£100: 66 - 150 players - National level - contents will exceed £200 rrp

Please note, Art of War Studios reserves the right to refuse this product from any buyer who cannot provide the required evidence of their running an event. 




All we need from you is proof of your event - a facebook page, or web-page is absolutely perfect. Send us an email at enquiries@artofwarstudios.co.uk and we can give you a link to these prize support bundles, and organise getting them to you as soon as possible! 


Art of War Strophies

Do you need a trophy for your event? We offer great rates on a range of acrylic trophies that can be themed for your event. Prices depend on how many you need, in what sizes and the complexity of the design - get in touch to get a quote! 

"Why don't you just donate prize support?"

Firstly, the system we had in place for generating and fulfilling orders often meant that donated prize support never got done in time, and often slipped through the cracks; now we have them in our system, as part of our customer orders, which gives them the same priority when manufacturing and leads to goods getting to events in time. Another strong reason was that we couldn't afford to donate to our international customers due to the rises in shipping costs - this way allows us to mitigate those shipping costs and provide a fair, and very generous level of prize support to events - including items that you cannot get outside of events, such as the gold and silver tokens.