The Quartermaster

Helping Gaming Clubs and FLGS stock up on tokens, templates and terrain!

As gamers we understand the importance of tokens and terrain. Whether you’re updating your old cardstock, providing new players with the tools they need to join a campaign, or creating immersive and awesome battlefields on which to play, it all costs money.

The Quartermaster is our way of lending a hand. We're offering excellent discounts on everything you need. The more you order, the bigger a discount you unlock!

Art of War Studios ASOIAF tokens

Take the best tokens into battle!

So how do we do this?

If you're the owner of an FLGS, give us a list of what products you want, with a shipping address, and we'll draw up an invoice for you. There's an example order below, to give you an idea of your options when it comes to product.

Discounts begin at 15% on orders over £50, and increase as high as 35% depending on the size of the order. All terrain items included have an extra 5% off on top of the original discount.

If you're the representative of a local gaming club, get together with your fellow members and work out what you all need. We'll apply the discounts and get it shipped out to you.

An Example of a Quartermaster Order

1 x Official Guild Ball Season 4 Blacksmiths Complete Set

1 x Official Guild Ball Season 4 Fishermen Complete Set

2 x KeyForge core token set (both with yellow aember, yellow chain dial)  

5 x KeyForge Stun Token Sets

1 x X-Wing 2.0 Rebellion Manoeuvre Templates (fluorescent blue) 

4 x Warhammer 40,000 Compatible Objective Tokens (heretics, fluorescent orange)

1 x Fallout Wasteland Warfare Core Token Set

As you can see, you can mix and match with token sets, so you can cater for all of your club members or customers.

Event Support

Whether you're running a special one-off event or a tournament, all you have to do is look through our webstore, find the items you think would be perfect for your event, and email us with a list. We'll then knock 35% off the cost and send you an invoice.  

Art of War Studios Guild Ball

Token sets make great prizes!

We advise that you give us as much notice as you can to allow for production and shipping. If you're after custom work as part of the prize support, we need as much lead time as possible. If you have any queries, just ask, and we'll be happy to talk you through it.

Sounds good? That's because it is! Send us an email at and we'll get the ball rolling.

Please note, Art of War Studios reserves the right to refuse this product from any buyer who cannot provide the required evidence of the event, store or club. So do show us a link to a facebook or web page!