Age of Sigmar Magnetic Dial - Small

  • £3.49

Keep track of your wounds, command points, victory points and anything else that fluctuates in battle with these Age of Sigmar compatible magnetic dials! 

Laser cut from 3mm acrylic and supplied with two 3mm magnets, with faction-based designs and colours, this pack contains 6 Small dials, with numbers running from 0 to 9. These can be stacked with the small and medium dials to reach numbers in the hundreds! These small dials are 20mm in width. 

All our products are supplied unpainted and unassembled - take care when gluing the magnets into place to keep the correct polarity -  with a protective sheet front and back. This sheet acts as a great stencil, should you wish to paint these tokens, or you can simply peel and play!