AVASA Infinity Compatible Balconies Set

  • £5.99

As the human race expands the amount of usable space shrinks. Instead of building out, architects start building up, creating towering stacks to house, feed and exploit those who dwell within. Balconies become an important part of this, creating a false sense of exterior space for those within.

AVASA terrain is designed to make awesome and detailed futuristic cityscapes that are still great to play games on - and don't break the bank. Our basic building stack vertically and horizontally, allowing you to make small shanties or sprawling complexes, while out sprues are packed with little extras, allowing you to add scatter and soul to your table. 

These balconies can be attached to AVASA buildings to create more interesting structures to fight over, expanding the amount of elevated terrain for use by snipers and similar marksmen. Each Balcony is also supplied with a ladder, ensuring that they are accessible in-game. The rails of the balconies can be quickly removed, allowing you to add ladders, walkways, or replace them with our acrylic upgrades (coming soon) for a splash of neon colour.

Details (length x width x height): 

  • 2 x Large Balconies (143mm x 50mm x 80mm)
  • 2 x Small Balconies (80mm x 50mm x 80mm)

All our products are provided unassembled and unpainted. Printed instructions are included, and PDFs are available from this listing (coming soon). You can also check out our youtube channel for hints and tips (coming soon). Enamel based primers or miniature game specific sprays (Games Workshop or Army Painter) work well for painting our MDF kits. We recommend PVA glue for assembly. 

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