AVASA Infinity Compatible Walkway Kit

  • £5.99

The towering hab stacks of an AVASA city can be daunting to navigate, with numerous walkways and bridges connecting each of the sprawling complexes, some wide enough to drive transport vehicles across, or to simply accommodate the masses of humanity as they commute to and from their places of work. 

AVASA terrain is designed to make awesome and detailed futuristic cityscapes that are still great to play games on - and don't break the bank. Our basic building stack vertically and horizontally, allowing you to make small shanties or sprawling complexes, while out sprues are packed with little extras, allowing you to add scatter and soul to your table. 

These walkways connect two AVASA buildings, slotting easily and securely into the gaps on the rooftops. They are wide enough to fit a 55mm base, so your bikes and TAGs can finally enjoy the benefits of elevation so long denied them. Lastly, the railings of the walkways are easily and quickly removed, allowing you to add connecting walkways to walkways (yo dawg) or to replace them with our acrylic upgrades (coming soon) to add some neon glow. 

Details (length x width x height): 

  • 2 x Walkways (180mm x 75mm x 23mm)

All our products are provided unassembled and unpainted. Printed instructions are included, and PDFs are available from this listing (coming soon). You can also check out our youtube channel for hints and tips (coming soon). Enamel based primers or miniature game specific sprays (Games Workshop or Army Painter) work well for painting our MDF kits. We recommend PVA glue for assembly. 

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