Blackstone Fortress Compatible 3D Core Set - CLEARANCE

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Upgrade that old card stock with these precision cut acrylic tokens for the phenomenal Blackstone Fortress from Games Workshop. 

This set contains acrylic replacements for all card tokens used in the game, including the following; 

  • 20 Wound tokens
  • 20 Grievous Wound tokens
  • 4 3D Discovery tokens
  • 1 Spindle Drone Threat dial
  • 4 Inspiration dials
  • 2 3D Plasma tokens
  • 2 3D Empowered tokens
  • 1 3D Haywire token
  • 1 3D Stasis token
  • 1 Access dial (shows stage 1 and 2)
  • 3 Trap dials (shows open and closed)
  • 2 3D Inferno tokens
  • 1 3D Forceshield token
  • 1 3D Rousing Speech token
  • 1 3D Chameleonine cloak token

Some tokens, particularly in-game effects, are represented by standing tokens - make sure you pick the right set! 

As you can see, a massive amount of tokens! 

All our products are supplied unpainted and unassembled (where necessary) and images are coloured using white or black crayons. All tokens are supplied with a protective sheet on the front and back that you can use as a stencil if you wish, or you can simply peel and play!

For more instructions on how-to colour our tokens, take a look here.

Are you looking for custom work? Take a look here for more details.

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