Dungeons & Dragons 5E Compatible Player Tracker Sheet

  • £4.99

Tired of wasting reams of paper? Cant see the numbers past all the scrubbing out and writing over? Try one of these! 

The Player tracker is designed to make your combats flow more quickly, and tidily, with space to track the hit points, spell slots, currency and other notes for your character. No more using dice, or scrawling notes on paper you'll lose - or placing a dice, just to have it knocked later! 

Each sheet is made of clear perspex, which allows you to write on them with a wet or dry erase marker (OHP pens work perfectly), then simply rub away the numbers on the fly and replace with a new total. They are clear, allowing you to place them over pages of the relevant books, reading the rules underneath - to help save space on the table

All our products are supplied unpainted, with a protective mask on the front and back that acts as a stencil should you wish to paint it.