Fallout Wasteland Warfare Core Token Set

  • £21.99

I don't want to set the world on fire - but I do want my adventures in the Wasteland to look awesome! Upgrade your Fallout games with these tokens from Art of War Studios!

This set contains all the tokens you need to replace the core tokens in your Fallout Wasteland Warfare starter box, including the following; 

  • 10 Ready tokens
  • 6 Reaction tokens
  • 6 +1 Armour tokens
  • 3 +2 Armour tokens
  • 4 Collect tokens
  • 2 Double Collect tokens
  • 6 Bonus Green Dice tokens
  • 6 Bonus Black Dice tokens
  • 6 Bonus Yellow Dice tokens
  • 6 Critical tokens
  • 3 Ammo tokens
  • 3 Stun tokens
  • 3 Frozen tokens
  • 3 Burning tokens
  • 3 Poison tokens
  • 3 Slow tokens
  • 3 -2 (Arm Injury) tokens
  • 3 Luck tokens
  • 1 Scatter / Priority token
  • 8 magnetic Damage Dials
  • 8 magnetic Radiation Dials

A truly huge amount of tokens! We've replaced the individual damage and radiation tokens with magnetic dials to try and scale back the number of tokens needed fro each model, and we've attempted to make tokens that are flippable, without needing engraving on both sides (the ready markers and the luck tokens in particular). 

All our products are supplied unpainted and unassembled (where necessary) and images are coloured using white or black crayons. All tokens are supplied with a protective sheet on the front and back that you can use as a stencil if you wish, or you can simply peel and play!

For more instructions on how-to colour our tokens, take a look here

Are you looking for custom work? Take a look here for more details.

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