Guild Ball Paying the Piper Ratcatchers Token Set

  • £7.99

This set contains every token needed for the Paying the Piper box set, supplying each player with all the plays, influence and AOEs they need for their games! 

As they are a Minor Guild of the Morticians, the Ratcatchers tokens are in the same colours as the Morticians tokens - this will allow them to fit in alongside that teams existing set. 

These sets are updated and renewed to keep up wth the current seasons and errata for Guild Ball; you can guarantee that we will always support these packs with the latest additions, changes and players. 

Take a look at the attached images to see exactly what you get in a pack - I'm sure you agree that these are comprehensive packages designed to suit the needs of your team! 

All our products are supplied unassembled and unpainted - some assembly may be required. 

Apologies for the lack of images - we have some incoming!