Necromunda Underhive Compatible Terrain - Whole Table Solution

  • £124.99

Upgrade your games of Necromunda: Underhive with this fantastic value set. 

This set is the big guy. It contains everything you need to create a full table of terrain for a 3x3 table (yeah, we know 4x4 is the official for Sector Mechanicus games, but trust us; 3x3 is soooo much better). All the walls, platforms, barricades and railings you need for some fantastic games.  

It contains;

  • 9x platforms
  • 5x walkways
  • 39x Columns
  • 19 Long Walls
  • 27 Short Walls
  • 4 Long Doors
  • 4 Short Doors
  • Ruined Walls
  • Barricades
  • 2x Low Struts
  • 2x Staircase set
  • Railings for all platforms and walkways

This terrain is also fully compatible with the rest of our Hive terrain lines, allowing you to mix and match pieces to create some truly unique tables. Want more info? Check this out. 

Have you seen our Necromunda tokens?

This entire set is supplied unpainted and unassembled and isn't suitable for young children. This product has nothing to do with Games Workshop and isn't endorsed by them in any way. 

Instructions are included in the sets.

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