NeoCity Access Bridge - Long

  • £13.99

Upward construction requires numerous bridges and ramps to access taller dwellings, and Hakari Heavy Industries thought of everything; the Access Bridges were constructed in various lengths and allowed for quick and simply erection in tightly packed urban areas. 

This pack contains one long MDF bridge with acrylic inserts. It is designed to connect NeoCity buildings to create a raised playing area. In order to connect this to the entrance of a NeoCity HAB, you will need a HAB Balcony upgrade. 

All our NeoCity range is designed with adaptability in mind - it's as modular as we can make it. You can stack multiple walkway tower sets on top of one another to create huge skyscrapers, or connect them to our apartment buildings to create a multi-level battlefield. In addition, our sets are built with identical connectors allowing you to add decoration such as billboards, decorative panels and a range of other pieces to create a really distinctive battlefield. 

Our terrain is designed with sturdiness in mind, and once assembled, will survive multiple trips to and from the gaming club! With our straightforward and common sense design, assembling this terrain is easy and quick. 

All our products come unassembled and unpainted. You'll find instructions on how to build them in the Build Guide section of our website.