X Wing Flight Template and Range Ruler Upgrade Set

  • £15.99

Fly casual with our collection of faithfully reproduced flight templates, available in a range of colours and designs. 

This set includes all the flight templates you need to keep track of your dogfights and manoeuvres, a full sized range ruler and two additional range rulers; one for measuring those up close and personal range 1 shots and the other to check those range 2 encounters. As always, we also include our placer - a handy tool for remembering where you ship needs to be if you happen to move it. 

All these products are made to order to guarantee the quality of the goods, which makes customisation very easy - if you want to use your own logo, or change some of the designs or colours, get in touch; we'll try our best to make you perfectly happy with your purchase.

All our products are supplied unpainted with a protective plastic backing - just peel it off when you get them!