4 Frequently Asked Questions About Star Wars: Armada

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About to sit down to play your first round of Star Wars: Armada with your best friend? Just hold your horses for one second and make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing. It might be tougher than you think to come out on top! Here are some answers to four burning questions you probably have right now.

Q: When building your fleet, how many fleet points can you spend on squadrons?

A: You can spend up to a third of your fleet point total. So if you’re playing a 200-point game, your fleet could contain 67 points of squadrons, even if your overall cost of that fleet was just 190.


Q: How do you use your Power Failure damage cards?

A: If your ship has two of these damage cards, you can apply one fully and then apply the second. So if, for example, the enemy ship has an Engineering value of 5, it would be reduced to 2 and then finally reduced to 1.

Q: If a ship wants to spend a command dial and token of the same type, does it have to spend them at the same time?

A: The answer is yes. You have to already have both the token and the dial, and they must be spent together.

Q: If your ship’s attack doesn’t include any dice, but it can add dice through a card effect, is it able to perform the attack?

A: Unfortunately not. If a ship fails to gather any dice during its Roll Attack Dice step, the attack has to be cancelled.

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