Colour Your Tokens

All our products here at Art of War Studios are supplied unpainted and unassembled (where necessary). This is primarily to keep our products cost effective, but also provides our customers the opportunity to colour their tokens their own way, making them more personal to their own collections. It also allows us to provide many of our products in a range of different colours, and doesn't restrict us to one scheme. 

So how best to do it? 

Truthfully, there is no best way. We tend to use crayons, usually white or black, which we rub into the engraved areas, then wipe away with a cloth. You can find a video of Grantt explaining this here.  

But you can paint them, too. We recommend using acrylic based paints, thinned right down (or better yet, airbrushed), and painting right over the top of the stencils cut into the paper mask supplied on the token. Once dry, peel off the paper mask, then give the surface a good rub with a cloth - this removes any accumulated paint from the rim of the engraving, and will make the detail stand out. 

Neither method is necessary; our tokens work without colouring them at all, and are designed to be visible without. But a little bit of work and your tokens will look absolutely eye-popping!