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Did someone say Chapter Tactics? The new expansion for Kill Team has been announced, and it introduces a wealth of new units and options. Entitled ELITES, it looks like we’ll be seeing Terminators, Wraithguard, Battlesuits and more on our Kill Team battlefields.

Games Workshop Kill Team Elites
More options is always cool, and it’s going to be interesting to see how the game evolves with this new set. Hopefully Kill Team will remain a small and tidy game, something to pick up and play when you’ve only got an hour to kill (so to speak). With more powerful units which are not only able to dish out stronger attacks, but able to take more punishment, and a host of Chapter Tactics, Cult Creeds and more, Elites is certain to breathe even more life into Kill Team.


With a new Iron Hands techmarine and hints at a Renegade Knight codex, Games Workshop continue to unleash new toys at an astounding pace.

Dark Sun Dungeons Dragons

After picking up a box of Dragon Magazine issues from a boot fair, I’ve been getting excited about D&D again. Bell of Lost Souls has a lovely look back at the Dark Sun setting, which is well worth a read.

Devil May Cry steamforged

The Devil May Cry kickstarter launches on the 15th, and it’s going to be supercool to see these characters come to the tabletop. I’m pretty sure some of them will make their way into other games too, as awesome proxies.

Infinity ORC

The June releases for Infinity are stunning, as you might expect. The ORC troops - power-armoured human warriors - look like they’re going to be a tough foe to face, as does new gunslinger character Krit Kokram. But my favourites are the Kazal light Cavalry. These bikers speed ahead of the army, performing dangerous recon missions, and provide the Ariadna faction - and the brutal Tartary Army Corps sectorial with a fast and elusive option.

Infinity Tartary Army Kazak cavalry

Back at the Studios, our new compatible token set for Blackstone Fortress was released last week and has been going down really well.

With options for 3D and 2D tokens, and support for the Dreaded Ambull update, it lets you replace your cardstock with gorgeous and durable acrylic!

So, what did we miss? Did anything else catch your eye this past week?

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