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Welcome back, everybody! We hope you had an amazing Christmas and got everything you wanted! Here's a look at what the end of 2019 has to offer with another edition of Frontline News!

godtear blackjaw

One of the releases that got under our skin recently was Godtear from Steamforged Games. Blasting out of the post-Christmas murk comes Blackjaw, a new champion for this fantastic game. Adept at destroying grouped enemy followers with a wealth of flame-based attacks, he's also capable of gaining a bonus action. With his Unburnt Reavers rushing across the battlefield to close with the enemy early doors, his force can intimidate opponents, reducing their effectiveness and preparing them for Blackjaw's monstrously powerful Fire Storm. Check out the video here!

aether war games workshop aos

Games Workshop is rounding off the year with the announcement of another battlebox, once again crammed with gorgeous miniatures. This time it's the turn of the forces of Disciples of Tzeentch and Kharadron Overlords to duke it out... in the air! The twist of this new box is that both forces will be making full use of new aerial combat rules, which will add yet another aspect to the game of Age of Sigmar. 

tzeentch spells

The Disciples of Tzeentch will be bolstered by an upcoming set of Endless Spells, such as the Daemonic Simulacrum. We can see this army being a real visual feast.

dunlending horsemen middle earth

Players of the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game rejoice! Unless you're aligned to the people of Rohan, of course, because the Dunlendings are here. With the axe-wielding heroes of Dunland, the heavily-armoured Huscarls, and ferocious horsemen who can reroll wound rolls of 1 against mounted foes, you'll be able to crush even the most dreaded enemy forces... especially the hated Rohirrim!

hotshots aces x wing

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new release for X-Wing 2.0 in the form of the Hotshots and Aces Reinforcements Pack. With 16 ship cards for the five factions and 31 upgrade cards, there'll be something for every player. The new pilots aid in handling stress and delivering bombs, and with a host of new tech - including Stabilised S-Foils for B-Wings - this set is sure to shake up the meta!

x wing organised play

Finally this week, FFG have released some more information about how their organised play will be shaping up over the next year. Hyperspace games will focus on 'curated pilot lists' and ships cycling in and out on a rotational basis, offering a challenge for new and veteran players alike. The Extended game mode will still allow players to make use of their ship collections, and there's some interesting news about the World Championship and Invitational events. If you're an ace on the competitive scene, you need to check out what's planned for 2020!

aows deal

Before you go, here's a friendly reminder to make the most of our 15% discount before the 10th of January! Just use the code 'itschristmas' and get more for your money on tokens and terrain for your favourite wargames! Check out the webstore now!

That's all for this week. We'd love to hear about what hobby goodies you got for Christmas, and what you've been playing over the holiday season!

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