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This week brings us a torrent of new rules for Warhammer 40,000, some gorgeous new space ships, proper elves and a host of reasons to lock your wallet safely in a bunker. It's time to face temptation with another edition of Frontline News!

40k dark angels

Games Workshop is truly the behemoth that never sleeps. This week, the tabletop giant leaked new rules for Ritual of the Damned, in which the Dark Angels, Grey Knights and Thousand Sons reveal some awesome new abilities. First up, Master Lazarus unsheathes Enmity's Edge, a fearsome -4AP blade designed to murder psykers. The Spiritshield Helm provides nearby units with the ability to shrug off mortal wounds. 

thousand sons 40k games workshop
Next up, the Thousand Sons have some nasty new tricks up their dusty armoured sleeves. With new Cult options enabling them to redeploy, return dead models to their units, and supercharge their casting, they can also sneak up on the foe unawares!

empyream domination thousand sons
But the forces of the Lord of Change shouldn't get too comfortable. The Grey Knights got a shot in the arm too! Instead of Doctrines, they have Tides, reflecting their psychic mastery. These allow them to enjoy the benefits of cover even when they have none, become harder to hit, unleash more powerful Smites, and more!
exorcist sisters of battle 40k
Of course, if you want to purge heresy with holy fire, the Adeptus Sororitas are the ones to do it. The new, reimagined Exorcist is a sight to behold. With missiles hiding in its organ tubes and myriad iconography it's another characterful piece to embellish a truly breath-taking force.
teclis age of sigmar
We know that 'proper' elves are coming back to Games Workshop's fantasy wargame Age of Sigmar. Well, new art for Teclis has got us salivating. AoS has certainly become known for its stunning miniatures and when this model drops, we know it's going to be special! Watch this space!
fireball x-wing ffg
Heading to the stars, Fantasy Flight Games have revealed two new ship packs for X-Wing 2.0. Here's the Fireball, a really beautiful ship, which adds another ace to the Resistance. Built for racing, and with a habit of bursting into flames, this is a fast, manoeuvrable and unique ship that will really spice up your jousts.
naboo royal N-1 ffg x-wing
If you prefer ships to be less... well, less on fire, then the Naboo Royal N-1 is for you. Elegant and aesthetically-pleasing, this limited edition ship can fly into battle with Queen Amidala at the controls! Enemies in her cross-hairs can only modify a single focus result, so you'll want to fly her aggressively.
That's it for this week. Now, we're sure that the 40k players amongst you are going to be poring over the new Psychic Awakening updates. Let us know how the new rules are shaking up your lists!

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