4 Top Christmas Present Ideas For Board Game Fans

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We don't want to scare you but there are only 65 days until Christmas. What does this mean apart from blind panic? Time to start thinking about all your Christmas shopping. It makes sense to get the jump on it and spread the cost a bit, so here are four ideas for the board game enthusiasts in your life if you want to buy a few gifts well ahead of time.

Infinity tokens

Avid gamers can never have too many of these so if you know someone who loves playing Infinity, then you know you've got the perfect present in mind. And luckily, they're quite small so you can stock up on loads for their Christmas stockings... which they're sure to thank you for, of course!

Board game organiser

With all the cards, tokens and other game pieces, board games these days can easily turn your house upside down. And it's pretty easy to lose pieces here and there as well. But with a board game organiser you can avoid this altogether. What could be better than that?

Chainmail dice bag

Another great stocking filler idea! This dice bag can hold around 50 dice so perfect for the serious gamers in your life and you can pick and choose what kind of colour you want it in, from stainless steel to black or half black. They can be personalised to a certain extent as well, with pictures printed on the chainmail.

Stormtrooper shot glass

Those of you who love Star Wars: Armada will definitely get a kick out of this Stormtrooper shot glass, based on the helmet moulds created by industrial designer Andrew Ainsworth back in 1976. Another fantastic stocking filler idea sure to put a smile on anyone's face come December 25th.


There's nothing better than a bit of board game fun with the family at Christmas time and one of the best games to get everyone together and having a great time has to be Articulate! It's a word game where you have to describe the words on your card without using the actual word or miming. After a few egg nogs, it might be harder than you think to win!

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