Limited Edition Stuff anyone?

Posted by Grantt Ennis on

Black Friday and Steamcon are charging towards us and we're working really hard to be ready for it! 

We've got some sneak peeks of the limited edition stuff that will be available over the Steamcon weekend;

Team Trays - these tournament trays are cut out of coloured acrylic, with etched team logos. Each tray sports the officially recognised team colour and has been adapted to support the new organised play format (9 team members instead of 8). They will be available for a very limited time - only over the Steamcon weekend.

Momentum Coins - these coins are cut from silver and gold effect acrylic, and have a football at the centre with "momentum" around the outside edges. These coins will only be available to purchase from us during Steamcon - though we may offer them as part of future prize support packages.

 We've also got some other really important releases coming out for Guild Ball, but we can't reveal those yet! 

We hope your excited for Steamcon and Black Friday! 

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