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Every Thursday, our beloved mascot brings you news from the cutting edge of token and terrain design... from his unique perspective! It's time for another of Nemo's Pupdates!

Nemo pupdates

Hey peeps! It's been another awesome week at Art of War Studios. As usual, I've been doing all the work, overseeing the humans and making sure that they keep making amazing products.
I'm currently reviewing our Necromunda range and working on my own design for a new token that's shaped like a ball, is kinda spongey, and tastes of roast beef. The design team keeps telling me that Necromunda doesn't need that kind of token. 

I beg to differ!
art of war pupdates
A rare glimpse into my design notebook, where the magic happens!

I spent hours creating this design, which I think will revolutionise tabletop gaming as we know it. But the humans say that not only does it fail to augment our current range of tokens, it is also impossible to manufacture using our current processes. However a dog must have a dream! Maybe by next week, I'll have won them over!

Until next time, friends! 

Nemo x

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