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Posted by Chris Hobday on

It's Fursday, time for another update from your intrepid four-legged reporter! This week we say goodbye to an old line, and prepare for something very special!

nemo pupdates

Alright, humans! What's happening? As you can see, I'm totally bushed right now. We're working around the clock to get a new line ready, and omigod peeps, it looks stunning! So good, in fact, that when I took myself to bed after a long, hard morning, I used one of the new tokens to let everyone know where my Lair was!

So while the humans get ready to unleash this cracking new line of tokens, it's fallen to me to make room for them at the studios. It's with a little bit of sadness that we wave goodbye to our Armada line. We love this game, but as new products come in, we have to cut back somewhere, and unfortunately it's here... those of you who need some tokens for Armada should get them while you can. We can't say precisely when they'll disappear from the site, but it's gonna be soon. So move fast, admirals!

That's it from me, I need my forty winks before I get roped back into colouring more of these mysterious new tokens, so we can take some awesome pictures and share them with you all!

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