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Tabletop wargaming has always provided players with the opportunity to change history. Whether you’re fighting the Battle of Midway, a skirmish between Romans and Celtic tribesmen, or replaying a key battle from the Horus Heresy, your games can generate fascinating ‘what if’ moments, and highlight how one bit of bad luck or lack of judgement can send ripples through the grand narrative of history - whether real or imagined.

A Song Ice Fire Miniatures

When CMON released A Song of Ice and Fire: A Miniatures Game, it allowed fans of this astonishingly successful series to not only take control of their favourite characters, but also attempt to rewrite the story. To put themselves in the boots of Jon Snow and a force of the Night’s Watch, and make a whole new series of decisions. To forge new alliances, or burn bridges. Just as old black and white horror movies asked us, ‘what if Frankenstein met the Wolfman?’ now fans of George R R Martin’s magnum opus can explore whole new avenues of narrative possibility.

 A Song Ice Fire Tokens

To support players in making the most of this opportunity, we’ve released a brand new line of tokens for the game. Specifically designed to not only meet the practical requirements of the game, but also to match and expand upon the aesthetic style of the world the game is exploring, we think these are some of our prettiest tokens yet. Our design lead on this, Aerial, has done an amazing job.

Song Ice Fire Tokens

The Core Token set has been designed to replace the card stock from the original game. Now, the card stock is lovely, but it doesn’t last forever. An acrylic set is tough as dragonscales and will last an age. With order tokens for Houses Stark and Lannister, the Free Folk, the Night’s Watch, as well as Generic and Neutral sets - and more on the way - you’ll be sure to find the set you need for your army.

Song Ice Fire Tokens

A key part of the game is the Politics Board. While battle wages, canny characters strive to affect the outcome in the political arena. We’ve ensured that there’s a board for each of the above factions, so you can build a set that looks great on the table.

Song Ice Fire Tokens

The Activation Banners look beautiful. Again, players can fly their house colours with pride and stand out on the battlefield.

Song Ice Fire Tokens

The Range Rulers set includes measurement sticks for movement and archery attacks, each designed to fit with the overall aesthetic of the game.

As ever, we’d recommend using white crayon to fill in the artwork on these tokens (crayola works best) and a microfibre cloth to buff them afterwards.

Song Ice Fire Tokens

These token sets have already proved popular, and as the game continues to draw in new players and develop in scope, we’ll be sure to keep supporting it with updates and new faction sets. So if you can’t see what you need, just email us at and we’ll see what we can do!

Well, what are you waiting for? The Throne won’t seize itself! To battle!

Check out the range here!

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