Rumours Abound Around Star Wars Episode VIII

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So we know that there’s still a whole year to wait until the next installment of the latest Star Wars trilogy hits the big screen, but with the movie going into production rumours are abounding about a number of plot points.

One of the big spoilers is that Luke Skywalker will feature much more prominently in the next two movies - although I think we can all agree there’s little surprise there. According to reports, he’ll take on the Yoda role to train Rey as a Jedi.

But in the past three decades, it seems Luke has been working on his mastery of the Force, with some reports suggesting he’s developed a new power, known as Force Vision.

Apparently, this will allow Luke to look into the future of other Jedi knights and see the path they’ll take.

Another rumour is that Luke will forge a new weapon for Rey after dismantling two lightsabers in front of her. The Daily Mail shared a leaked email that fan Mike Zeroh claims he received from a reliable source, which details the scene in which Luke takes Rey’s lightsaber and takes it apart to explain the importance of the crystals contained within.

This all comes after reports that director of Episode IX Colin Trevorrow will shoot the final installment of the trilogy on 65mm film.

We’re going to have to wait until next December to find out what actually happens in Episode VIII, so in the meantime, grab your Star Wars Armada tokens and play out your own cinematic battles in space.

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