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If You Can't Beat 'Em...

Posted by Chris Hobday on

AKA: The Joys of Following the Herd. Everyone has a favourite game. One that they obsess over, impulsively collect, endlessly build lists for, write fanfiction for or create their own characters and campaigns. That one game that they travel up and down the country to play, eagerly surfing the net for tournament announcements, maybe even travelling abroad to throw down dice. Anything to get that singular fix. Have they announced the next tournament dates yet? Stay on it, people! Sometimes we don’t quite understand why other players, obsessed with other systems, don’t switch to our favourite. We try to impress...

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Setting Forth with the Rangers of Shadow Deep - Review!

Posted by Grantt Ennis on

Written by Joseph A McCullough and published on DrivethruRPG (both as a PDF and print on demand book), Rangers of Shadow Deep is a cooperative skirmish game about heroes venturing into dangerous territory to investigate a mystical phenomenon.

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