The Wait Is Over! Rogue One Is Here

We’ve spent most of the year waiting for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to land in cinemas and now it finally has - it really does feel like Christmas has come early!


And while you’ll obviously want to watch the movie for yourself and draw your own conclusions about what was good, what was bad and whether it’s a good fit for the Star Wars universe, it never hurts to see what the critics are saying.


So far, it looks like the feedback has been predominantly positive - especially if you grew up loving the original trilogy, but were less than enamoured with Episodes I, II and III.


Variety magazine’s Peter Debruge described it as “the prequel they’ve [the original generation of Star Wars fans] always wanted”.


Meanwhile, Peter Travers gave it 4.5 stars in Rolling Stone magazine and commented that the movie is “alive and bursting with the euphoric joy of discovery that caught us up in the adventurous fun nearly four decades ago”.


If that’s not enough to get you excited about this movie and rushing to the cinema for the next available screening, we don’t know what is.


Or, as it’s nearly Christmas and that’s usually a good excuse to catch up with friends, why not make a day of it? Book tickets to an afternoon screening of Rogue One, and then spend the evening living out your own Star Wars adventures with a game of Star Wars Armada.


Who knows, if you’re lucky some of your mates might have bought you some new Star Wars Armada tokens that you can introduce to your game

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