UK Board Games Championships Set For May

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We’re all for getting more people into games of all kinds, and while the National Board Games Championship may not include our favourites like Guild Ball or Star Wars Armada, it is a great opportunity to remind people of the fun that tabletop games bring.

In this age of smartphones, connectivity and online gaming, it’s nice to go back to basics and enjoy a game with real pieces - and where you’re sitting face to face with your opponents.

So, we’re delighted to hear that the National Board Games Championships will be returning to pubs across the UK between February and May this year, after its success last year.

Pork Farms set up the competition in 2016, when Kent local Tim Bentley was crowned champion. Players battled it out over some true classics, including Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, Jenga and Boggle.

Speaking to Kent Live, Mr Bentley said it was great to participate last year - and he’s intending to defend his title in 2017.

“I love board games so it was perfect really… Making it to the grand final was absolutely brilliant and even better to be crowned the champion,” he stated.

Micropubs around the country will host the competitions, with players gradually eliminated until the finalists are selected.

Heats will take place between 26 February and 26 March this year, with the semi-finalists coming to the grand final during National Board Games Week from 8-14 May 2017.

Sounds like it’s going to be fun. There’s also a chance to get involved from home, by submitting photos of you and your friends and family playing board games during National Board Games Week. We might get our Guild Ball tokens together and set up a game with some friends to mark the occasion.

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