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Grantt considers a few ideas to make Bakunin a little bit juicier in line with some of the latest changes we've seen to the other factions.


Nomads for life.

Everyone at Art of War Studios plays games - it’s in our blood - and one of our favourites is Infinity, by Corvus Belli. From the near future, almost anime aesthetics, to the detailed, but fast-paced rules, everything about it gets us just a little excited. If you haven’t tried it, we really do suggest you give it a go; the starter sets are a great value for money buy-in, if you’re thinking about it.

If you’ve been keeping up with Infinity, you’ll be aware of all the army composition changes that have happened with the last few expansion books, and how it’s revitalised the game for many players. For those not in the know, the latest additions have expanded the options for fireteams, breathing a lot of new life into some of the older sectorial forces, creating some really fun options, such as Tsyklon Sputnik remotes in Alguacil fireteams.

Daedalus Fall

Now, I’m a Nomad player, so the Corregidor stuff was perfect for me, but it got me thinking; where was the love for the other Nomad sectorial? Bakunin has always been one of the signature forces in Infinity; a collection of some of the most outlandish and unique individuals all clustering together on a huge star-ship and working together as best they can - it practically screams for some crazy fire team combinations.

So I got to thinking, and I came up with he following ideas for making Bakunun just that little bit more exciting. How about adding the following to reinvigorate the army a little?

Infinity the game

Special Fireteam: Core. Up to 4 Moderators and 1 Taskmaster

This combines the roles of the Moderators and Taskmasters as the “police force” of Bakunin. It gives the Taskmaster some much-needed mod-stacking, but only with the relatively flimsy Moderators.

Special Fireteam. Up to 3 Riot Grrls and Zoe & Pi-Well

This is the narrative match-up I want to see. A bionic woman and her remote assistant, known for her inability to accept the status quo, joins up with a team of anti-establishment punks to go out and cause some trouble. I can see there being a cost issue, and I do wonder just how powerful this kind of fire team could be (hyper-dynamics, ODD and a WIP15 hacker in a link? What could go wrong?), but I really want to see it on a table.

Zoe Pi Well Bakunin Infinity

Zoe and Pi-Well are just too cool for school.

Special Fireteam. The Sin Eaters count as Reverend Moira’s or Reverend Custodiers for the purposes of Fireteam composition.

Another immensely fluffy match-up, with some great rules dynamics. Sin Eaters are part of the Observance, and are charged with the spiritual protection of the mostly matriarchal sect - surely this also means that they can physically protect them in a fireteam? Mechanically, this gives the shockingly fragile Moira/Custodier link something defensive to rely on other than their ODD (which is hit and miss in such an MSV-rich landscape). The idea of a group of Reverends making their way through the battlefield with a Sin Eater watching their backs is pretty awesome.

Special Fireteam: Duo. Up to one Sin Eater and either one Reverend Custodier, Reverend Healer or Reverend Moira (including Cassandra Kusanagi)

As above, this fire team just screams flavour, with a Reverend and a Sin Eater body guard, and again, makes absolute sense in the setting.

 Sin Eater Nomads

There you have it; my attempt to reinvigorate Bakunin in the current Infinity meta. What do you think of these ideas? Too much? Not enough? Just right? Please share your opinions in our comment section - next week I’ll pick the best response to receive a free set of Infinity Smoke markers!

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  • I think it would be awesome to see the Taskmaster pick up Wildcard. It would also be cool to see the Custodier able to pick up a remote core.
    I like the Mixed Moderator Taskmaster core idea quite a bit. And Pi-Well with fire team buff would be insanely awesome!

    Jhokalups on
  • We love the Expanse here at the Studios!

    I wanted to try and find a fireteam option for the Uberfalkommando & Morlocks, but I just couldn’t get my head around how to make them work – and the overall uniqueness of the Morlocks just didn’t work as a team in my head.

    Grantt on
  • What?!? No fireteam: core for morlocks?!? Madness!! :-)

    Christopher Jarratt on
  • I’d have to hold my hands up and say that I’ve never really looked at Bakunin. Despite a few nomad players in the local area (I’ve always favoured Corregidor) it’s mostly vanilla although a wee spike recently with Tunguska. Personally I don’t see a huge problem with any of the suggestions with the caveat that it’s hard to tell how potent something is until you’ve faced it. Still, nothing a missile launcher crit or two in ARO won’t crack…

    I like that you’ve tried to go down a fluffy route as this, for me, is one of the biggest draws of Infinity. If little changes like that encourages you to play more then I’d be happy to run with it for testing. Whilst ITS is often the go to, at the end of the day, it’s your game too and as long as you and your opponent are having fun :D

    Hmm, all this Nomad talk is making we think about breaking out the Corregidor again. Particularly now with some nice varied link teams!

    MrBrown on
  • My Bakunin are just itching for some of this! I love the idea of Sin Eater bodyguards because as they stand now it’s hard for me to justify taking them. And placing a Taskmaster in the link with Moderators sounds super cool and not overly powerful either because well Moderators are just space cops.

    Leif Hendricksen on

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