Will You Go To The Guild Ball This NYE?

If, like us, the thought of getting dressed up (in a tuxedo or crazy costume), hitting the town and spending midnight crammed into a bar with a host of people you mostly don’t know makes you want to run for the hills, fear not, we have a suggestion for a much better way to spend New Year’s Eve.

Arrange a games night. So simple, yet so much more fun (and less costly as well).

We all know that most of the country’s football clubs will be playing matches on New Year’s Day, but you can play your own version of the beautiful game - dust off those Guild Ball tokens, get a group of friends together and get stuck into a tabletop game of medieval football.

Of course, Guild Ball itself is about far more than who wins or loses a particular football game, and the complexity of it makes it a great game for New Year’s Eve, as you certainly won’t run out of things to do by midnight.

In fact, you could get so engrossed in your own medieval power plays and football matches that you fail to notice the clock striking 12.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll have received some new tokens as gifts this Christmas, so this is the perfect opportunity to break them out and show them off to your other gaming friends.

However, unlike Monopoly, who recently announced they were setting up a helpline (yes really) over the festive period to help settle those classic family arguments about who owns and owes what, any disputes within Guild Ball will need to be settled on the table among yourselves - we’ll probably be getting stuck into a game of our own.

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