Malifaux Core Tokens Set

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Cheat fate but play fair with our range of stunning tokens, all designed to make your games look great and run smoothly.

Our tokens are cut from 3mm acrylic and the core set includes everything you need to start playing right now;

  • 2 50mm Blast markers
  • 6 30mm Scheme markers
  • 6 30mm Scrap markers
  • 6 30mm Corpse markers
  • 7 15mm Soulstone tokens (in turquoise)
  • 10 15mm Burning tokens (in bright red)
  • 10 15mm Poison tokens (in bright green)
  • 10 Activated tokens
  • 5  15mm Defensive tokens
  • 5 15mm Focus tokens
  • 5 15mm Fast tokens
  • 5 15mm Slow tokens
  • 5 Positive Twist tokens
  • 5 Negative Twist tokens
  • 3 15mm Paralyse tokens
  • 3 15mm Reactivate tokens
  • 2 15mm Buried tokens

The generic set comes with all these tokens in a grey tint with our standard scheme marker designs - if you wish, you can change this set to a faction specific set, which changes the scheme marker design and colour of all the tokens to match your faction.

All our products are made to order, which allows us to ensure the quality of your goods and give you the chance to make alterations, so send us your ideas and we can work together to try and realise your perfect tokens.

All our goods are supplied unpainted with protective plastic backings.