About us

Here at Art of War Studios, we believe in a great product at a great price. We try our best to make quality gaming accessories, but also avoid those boutique prices. 

The company consists of me, Grantt, and my wife Kallie who works part time when she isn't saving the world from the corona virus (seriously, she's taken up Rapid COVID testing to help out). We sometimes get help from friends when we have conventions. Remember conventions?

We work out of a barn in the middle of nowhere like a pair of eccentric inventors, striving to bring you the best accessories we can. Our design ethic is "Practical; Beautiful; Affordable" which means all our products need to serve a purpose, look great, and not break the bank - us gamers have enough expensive things to buy, after all.

We're constantly adding products for different gaming lines and constantly striving to improve upon the products we already have. We've got an awful lot of experience in the wargaming industry, from playing to designing, and we intend to make it all count.

We love customising work, so drop us a line with your ideas and we'll do our best to make them happen. We also work with companies to provide prize support, event support and official tokens, so if you're a business in need of some tokens for whatever reason, get in touch! 

Email us at enquiries@artofwarstudios.co.uk