Custom Work

- Please note, our current turnaround for any kind of custom work is currently 6-8 weeks -

Do you want to make some small changes to your order, such as colour or different quantities of different tokens? Or perhaps you'd like to replace one of our logos with one of your own? Or would you like something completely bespoke? We can do any of that.  

Small changes

For small changes that require no design work, such as a colour change or quantity change, we charge £5 for the first change, then £2 for each additional change made - so if you want a single colour token set in a different colour, we just add £5 to your order, but if you want to make four changes, it would cost £11 (£5 +£2 +£2 +£2). This also tends to add a week or two to your order despatch time. 

If you want a colour change, then make an order, and send us a message with your order number and what colour's you'd like to change. We'll send you over a link to pay for the changes, and then get the work done as soon as we can. 

Logo replacements

If you want to replace a logo with something else, we have two options; 

-If you have the logo you wish to replace it with ready and can supply us with a high resolution copy of it, then it only adds £10 to your total price. It tends to take us about two weeks to process these orders. 

-If you want us to design a new logo for you, to replace something in our existing range, such as an emblem at the centre of our X Wing templates, or a new Guild Ball faction logo to replace those on influence, then the price is £35 per logo designed, plus the price of the goods you buy. 

Both the options above are added to your order, meaning that you pay for the items, then any additional work done to them. This often means that if you get something designed, then later need more copies of it, you pay much less for it, as we've already got the templates to design more. 

Completely Custom Work

For any other work our rate is £20 per hour it takes to design and/or manufacture the item. The length of time it takes to design something varies with every single custom order, so it's best to get in contact with us to discuss it. The minimum length of time we require for a custom piece of work is 2 hours. Due to the unique nature of custom items, it's similarly difficult to provide timeframes without knowing what it is that we need to make. Please leave a minimum of six weeks for custom works. 

Terms and Conditions

All custom work payment is taken up front, with a minimum of 2 hours payment for hourly rates. Once the work is complete, we will invoice you for any additional hours that a piece has taken (we're usually pretty good at estimating, so this rarely happens) and then send the item once the final payment has been received. 

During the design process, you will be notified when the design work has been started, and then receive a preview image of the design work once designs have been completed. At that stage you can ask for any adaptations or changes to the work, and we will redesign and resend images until you are satisfied with the designs. Once you have confirmed the designs you like, and manufacture begins, no other changes can be made. 

For obvious reasons, once we have manufactured custom items, we cannot refund them. Any design work made up to the point of cancellation is also non-refundable, but any other items are eligible for a refund as per our usual terms and conditions. 

All designs become the customers property once completed, to be used by them in any way they fit. Art of War Studios retains the right to use designs in their own future projects.