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I'm guilty of not quite making the leap between hobby and business; I'm a wargamer at heart, and I just want to supply the community with cool accessories and use the proceeds to support me while I do it! Unfortunately, there come times when I actually have to look at things with a certain amount of evaluation and make some grown-up decisions about what to do with Art of War Studios. 

As we're all aware in our current political climate, change is happening! Particularly with prices concerning imported materials and shipping, both of which seriously affect our trade. As a sad result, we've got no choice but to reevaluate our prices on all our products, which will probably result in increases across all ranges. We want to strive to make sure that we're still offering boutique goods without the boutique price tag, so they'll still be as low as we can manage; hopefully nothing more than a 10% increase.

We also need to completely overhaul our shipping, particularly with the impending release of our terrain lines, which, when packaged, are significantly heavier than our tokens and template ranges! This will most probably mean the end of our free shipping solution as it currently exists, as sending heavy packages overseas has become quite costly for us! Again, we're trying our best to come up with solutions that will allow us to offer the best prices we can to our community.

So I would urge you to buy things now, while you can A: get a lower price for them, and B; potentially get free shipping at a lower cost! We'll be changing our prices later this month, and our shipping shortly afterward, so you have time this month to get on top of it!

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