Have You Heard of Rise Up: The Game Of People And Power?

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A Kickstarter page has just been set up for a brand-new board game that will not only allow you to satisfy your game play urges but also teach you how to affect change by taking on oppressive systems and show you how to build power and fight for what you believe in.

Rise Up: The Game of People and Power has already exceeded its crowdfunding target of $35,180 (the amount raised currently stands at $56,180), so expect to see it hit shop shelves sooner rather than later.

The game itself sees players fight for victory in a creative way – and what’s interesting is that everyone either wins or loses together. A story is created around your particular movement of choice (which you can base in reality or a fictional world), but you have to fight against the man, who is trying to crush you into oblivion through tactics like causing infighting, making arrests or establishing surveillance systems.

As the game inventors say: “Rise Up is an entertaining way to bring people together, activate our imaginations, and inspire dialogue about the change we need to create a more just, healthy world. Players have fun while also discovering activist strategies and tactics in an exciting, participatory setting. There’s a deep history of board games being used for social justice struggles, even if that history is not well known. We wish to continue that history.”

Chances are you don’t already know that Monopoly was created as a social justice game to help raise awareness about tenants’ rights, taxes and affordable rents, while snakes and ladders came about to help people teach people the importance of morality in the lives they lead. We’re certainly interested to see if this new game can affect change, as it’s trying to do!

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