Does your gameplay style cost you games?

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How many tournaments have you attended this year? How many campaigns have you taken part in? How often do you get to game? 

We all get into wargaming for different reasons, whether it's the cool looking miniatures, the painting and hobbying, the strategic gaming - so many different reasons. But one thing we all have in common is the need for opponents; and this sometimes dictates the kinds of games we have. 

My Little Remotey Infinity Corvus Belli Art of War Studios

The My Little Remotey Infinity army had a very short-lived run...

Personally, I game for the narrative; my armies are so fluffy that you could sleep on them (and they're often about as effective in battle as a pillow), and nothing is more effective than a campaign to get me to a table regularly. But in the last twelve months, I've attended more tournaments than any campaign games - purely because there were far more players around for competitive games. I don't have an issue with this; I've had some great games this year and attended some fantastic tournaments - but it did burn me out over the summer, resulting in me not gaming for a couple of months. 

Do you have a similar situation? Do you want more competitive games, but can't seem to find similarly driven opponents? Are you looking for a sprawling campaign, but keep getting tabled by the hardcore crowd? Let us know in the comments below if your local meta suits your gaming style! 

So what do you use to find your opponents? In the past, we've recruited friends to game and attended local clubs and shops - this crucial social network for gaming has kept the hobby alive, making sure that we always have fellow players to enjoy games with. But we have stumbled across a new way...

Muster App WARR Studios

Muster - the app for finding fellow gamers!

Muster is an app developed by WARR Studios that makes it much easier to find other gamers. You can download to any device, and once you've entered your details (including what games you own and play) you'll be added to a database of gamers, allowing you to search your local area to find out who is up for playing the same games as you. It's an excellent app, with a great interface, and it could bridge the gap between wanting to play a game and finding others who want to do it too. Check them out here and get yourself on the map! 

Necromunda Underhive Escher Templates Art of War Studios

Well, these seem popular!

In other news, we've got some great new Necromunda releases coming your way; you can check out our current tokens and templates here, and more will arrive once other gangs appear. We're keen to make some cool terrain elements, so what would you like to see made for your Underhive battles? 

Talking of terrain, check out these images from Iain Ross of our NeoCity apartment habs - he's added LED lighting to the balconies to really make them standout on his table! 

NeoCity Hab Art of War Studios

I can't lie, this made me squeee ever so slightly. 

We love it! Please do share your images of our products with us, as we love to see it "in the wild"!

Thanks for reading the blog - as promised, please enjoy this 10% off code for use in our store - just enter the code "gogetmuster" in the checkout to receive the discount off your order! 

Oh! And one more thing - we mentioned a super secret project last week... Well, we can probably share something else now...

See you next week!

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