So we like Roleplaying Games...

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Yeah, that's right; our nerdage knows no limits. 

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From venturing deep into the bowels of the earth, fighting goblins and dragons, to politically outmanoeuvring fellow vampires at court, to engaging in fierce and frantic laser gunfights in space-stations; it's safe to say, we here at Art of War Studios absolutely love our roleplaying games. So it should come as no surprise that we're now involved in a few projects to help grow and support the rpg community; we clearly like to keep ourselves busy here at the AoW Studios!

AnA Adventurers and Artists Dungeons and Dragons

Firstly, Grantt is one of two dungeons masters taking part in the AnA concert in Canterbury, Kent, next year. This concert marries a  campaign with improvised experimental music, with each DM and player being assigned a musician who will work with them to provide background music during their game of Dungeons and Dragons. These concerts will run for five weeks, starting from the 15th April, and will help support the National Autistic Society and Westgate Hall charities. If you can't get to Canterbury, then don't worry; the concerts will be streamed online, too!

RPG Tracker Art of War Studios Dungeons and Dragons

Secondly, Art of War Studios is working on a range of products designed to help players and dungeon masters in games of Dungeons and Dragons - our RPG tracker sheets allow players to keep track of their constantly changing resources, such as hit points, spell slots and exhausted abilities, while the DM version does the same for groups of monsters. We're also working on a range of tokens that can either be given to players to put on their character sheet, or placed next to pawns or miniatures so that conditions and effects can be easily remembered during games. At first, we're only supporting Dungeons and Dragons, but we do aim to support other games, such as Pathfinder and Starfinder, and any other systems that we think could benefit. 

 AnA Adventurers and Artists Dungeons and Dragons Deathtrap Dungeon Art of War Studios

And lastly... Well, we can't give too much away, but we've been working on something for a very long time that is finally beginning to take shape. And boy, are we excited about it! 

Okay, maybe just a little bit; 

The region known as the Three Barons  has existed in a state of perpetual tension, with three major cities always on the brink of civil war. When Hobgoblins invade from the east, three heroes will rise up to shape the destiny of the region, becoming legends - or tyrants - as they face threats the world hasn't seen in millennia... 

There. That's all I'm allowed to share for now. 

Until next week! 

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