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Every Monday we bring you our take on what's fresh in the industry and take a closer look at some of the most exciting new releases. It's time for Frontline News!

Already replete with astonishing miniatures and awesomely thematic Endless Spells, Games Workshop's fantasy mass battle game got even more love at the Age of Sigmar Open Day. Not only are we seeing new battletomes for Orruk Warclans and the Cities of Sigmar, the fantasy side of GW's wargames empire is being fleshed out with another new chapter in the Underworlds line... BEASTGRAVE!

beastgrave games workshop

We know that it will take place in Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, so we're expecting yet more neat little boxes of superb fantasy miniatures and card-based shenanigans to expand on this popular tournament game.

warcry games workshop

Warcry is now up for pre-order, and reviews are already appearing. We can't wait to see how the other warbands shake things up, but one thing is for certain, the models are stunning. It's genuinely hard to choose between the warbands, but I think I'm settling on the Corvus Cabal!

corvus cabal warcry games workshop

We're already hard at work on our very own tokens for this fast and furious skirmish game, so watch this space!

chaos games workshop

If your soul is touched by Chaos, these delightfully old-school Chaos Sorcerer models will be right up your street! They're only going to be available from Games Workshop for one week... so get them while you can!

 eisenhorn 40k games workshop

You've doubtless heard by now that Inquisitor Eisenhorn, a much-loved character from Warhammer 40,000 lore, may be coming to your TV screen! A show is in production, and it's got the whole 40k fanbase talking! Fingers crossed they do a good job of bringing this fascinating character to life!

free folk heroes asoiaf cmon

CMON continue to provide us with brilliant models for A Song of Ice and Fire: the Miniatures Game. The Leaders of the Free Folk boxed set will drop on the 1st of August and contains a range of attachments and NCUs including Styr, the Weeper and Rattleshirt. This expansion offers new ways to drive your army on to victory, including rewarding your troops for defeating enemies, or punishing the foe for inflicting casualties. It's great seeing the strategy of the game deepen with every release. 

infinity the game corvus belli defiance

We're starting to see more teasers for Corvus Belli's new Sci-Fi dungeon crawler, DEFIANCE. Set in the socio-politically complex Infinity universe, with influences ranging from classic anime aesthetics and space opera to cyberpunk, this is set to be something truly special!

star wars legion ffg

Finally this week (and believe me, there's so much more out there, it's crazy!) FFG have announced new expansions for Star Wars Legion. Operative Expansions for Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are going up for pre-order, with a release date of the fourth quarter of 2019. Both models are great, capturing the essence of these well-known characters. Vader in particular looks like he's mowing his way through a bunch of hapless rebels!

So what has you excited this week? And how much overtime are you going to be signing up for at work in order to enjoy all of this new shiny goodness?

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