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Frontline News

It’s Monday, and you know what that means; a brief look into the industry announcements and developments over the last week! Let’s start with the industry giant, Games Workshop, and their recent announcements…

Warcry and Necromunda!

We’re still waiting for Warcry to officially drop - there are numerous reviews and let’s play videos doing the rounds (check out our studio favourite GMG videos ), but there’s nothing quite like cracking open that new box and giving the game a try for yourself. To add fuel to the hype train, the week after the release of the core box sees the release of the next three warbands - Splintered Fang, Corvus Cabal and Unmade - allowing you to play with any number of these really interesting chaos teams. 

I want these guys - In bird-culture, this is known as a dick-move!

In honesty, we’re a little bit more excited by the sneak release of the latest Necromunda products - Enforcers! Not only that, but another source book, and cards, all designed to add even more to your games. We really love Necromunda here in the studio, so anything else added to the game is always a pleasure, as it allows us to build texactly the games we want. 

You're under arrest! You have the right to get shot! 

Moving away from GW, we can see that Steamforged Games are beginning to hit their stride again, with the tease of several new players for Guild Ball and the announcement of their latest boardgame, Ni No Kuni 2. None of us have played that game here in the Studios, but we’re sure the SFG team will capture its ethos, and create some beautiful sculpts for it. 

I imagine this will look amazing...

We were overjoyed here in the Studio to hear that Wyrd has sold out of all their initial printings of rulebooks and cards for the third edition of Malifaux. It’s a fantastic setting, and a beautiful game, and the third edition ruleset is the best yet - and that’s saying something considering how good the last editions were! Knowing that Wyrd have sold out of their inventory is great news, as it all but guarantees additional support and growth for this awesome game. 


Time to dust off my Arcanists!


Moving from Steampunk to Scifi, Corvus Belli have been steadily showing off more and more of their Defiance game, with artwork reveals and miniature previews of the primary characters. These models look amazing already, and we’re very excited to learn more about this new game, which pits O12 forces against the Combined Army in a cooperative system. Count us in! 

Loving the memes coming out of this artwork...

It’s not over yet! We’ve been getting regular updates about the Baratheon faction being added to CMONs Song of Ice and Fire game, with card teasers, model renders and product details beginning to appear. This faction looks really interesting, and contains some of the coolest units we’ve seen for the game yet. 

Insert gatekeeping reference to book-only character here...

It’s an exciting time; with Gencon round the corner, you can expect a whole wealth of news about releases, upcoming games and future industry developments - and you can rely on getting all that information right here! 

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